Filter a website, and you protect a student for a day.
Educate students about online safety in the real world environment, and you protect your child for a lifetime.

Christopher Harris (online quote)

At RHPA, we believe E-Safety awareness and understanding is of great importance for our pupils who are growing up with technology at every turn. E-Safety is taught both as part of the Computing curriculum and as an independent subject in its own right, whilst also being integrated within our day-to-day practice and discussion. Cross-curricular links are made within our Prevent and SMSC agendas, as well as through our Prevent and E-Safety scheme of work (see attached / link).
Children are exposed to a developing e-safety programme throughout their time in school, accessing age-appropriate messages and content that help them: to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; to recognise acceptable / unacceptable online behaviours; and to identify where to seek advice and help should they have any concerns about their online experiences.
All children have a shared understanding of the SMART (Safe – Meeting – Accepting – Reliable – Tell) rules for E-Safety and there are key reminders / help routes displayed throughout school.

E-Safety Poster

Safer Internet Day 2017 and the Barney & Echo Internet Safety Roadshow

We took part in Safer Internet Day on February 7 2017. During this half-term our pupils were using E-Safety workshops to develop their critical thinking skills and discussing the images they view and post online.

For more information about Safer Internet Day 2017, click here.

We also sent a group of our Ambassadors to the Barney & Echo Internet Safety Roadshow. The roadshow, which was held at Keepmoat Stadium, encourages pupils from around the area to work together in raising awareness of e-safety. Pupils listened to talks and took part in activities designed to help them keep themselves and those around them safe online. The pupils who represented Richmond Hill at the event will now put what they have learnt into practice by giving a presentation about e-safety to the rest of the school.

For more information about Barney & Echo and their roadshows, click here.


Safer Internet Day 2016

In February, we took part in the Safer Internet Day campaign and had some wonderful entries to our ‘alternative E-Safety poster’ competition … with 3D models, hanging mobiles and informative videos topping the bill. Well done to our winners, whose detailed canvas display was voted by pupils as the overall winner! All of the top entries are currently being used to help promote E-Safety throughout the school.
Safer Internet Day 2016 Entries