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Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you so much for supporting us in trying to reduce the number of children coming into school to limit the risk from infection.  The DFE has released new guidelines today around social distancing in education settings and it does state that we need ‘to ensure class sizes reflect the numbers of teaching staff available and are kept as small as possible’.  We know you are having to make difficult decisions each day around childcare and hope that our support has been of some use.  We will continue for as long as we are able to. 

In addition, If your child lives in a household with someone who is in the most vulnerable health groups, as set out in the guidance on shielding, it does state that they should only attend an education or childcare setting if stringent social distancing can be adhered to.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this will be the case in our school and advise that your child should not attend.

Prime minister, Boris Johnson has announced a complete lockdown of the UK, banning people from leaving their homes or meeting in groups of more than two people. 

In his address he said that no one should leave their home except to;  

  • Shop for essentials, as infrequently as possible
  • Exercise outdoors once per day, alone or with household members
  • Receive medical treatment or provide care
  • Travel to and from work if impossible to work from home and absolutely essential

School is only open now to essential emergency childcare for critical workers. It is essential for the safety of children, staff & the community. 
The safest place for your children is at home so I would urge you, if you can keep your children at home to be looked after by someone please do and do not send them to school tomorrow.
Debbie Secker Principal 

Despite the difficult situation we have found ourselves in this week and will continue to face over the coming weeks it is with immense pride that I have the privilege of seeing first hand the ‘huge heart’ within Richmond Hill. From our amazing children, staff, parents and stakeholders it has been evident the unity shown in protecting and keeping our whole community safe. The core values we strive so hard to promote in our children, the support we value so much from our families and the care we wish to see from our staff has been there in abundance.
Until we welcome you all back – Keep safe.

Debbie Secker

Safeguarding for exceptional circumstances (Links to key safeguarding sites can be found on: About Us and then scrolling down to the Safeguarding page)

Executive Safeguarding Lead Mrs K Cousins DSL Mrs K O’Keeffe or Deputy DSL Mrs M Lord telephone contact 07591203296

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