Book/Theme News from KS1

Book/Theme News from KS1

More exciting book/theme news at Richmond Hill, this time from Key Stage 1!

Year 1 received a video from a wizard, who desperately needed their help in finding out the elements of some books he was reading. Wizard Glenn needed help identifying the title, illustrations and various other components of his books, which Y1 were more than happy to help with!

The task proved to be tricky, but Y1 persevered and discovered that their theme was Wizards and Witches and they will be reading Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul! We’re sure Wizard Glenn will be overjoyed to have received such fantastic help, well done Y1!


Year 2 found that a letter, some cooking equipment and vegetables had been left in Mrs Dutton’s classroom, with the request inside for the pupils to decide which vegetable made the best chips.

Pupils had to decipher which vegetable was which, as their names were jumbled up around them, and they discovered that they were choosing between parsnips, sweet potatoes, white potatoes and carrots!

Pupils learned how to scrub, peel, cut and clean the vegetables under the watchful eyes of their teachers, who then took the chips to be cooked! The lucky Y2 pupils then had the opportunity to taste the chips and vote on their favourite, eventually decided that the winner was… all of them! Pupils were divided over which chip was their favourite, deciding that all of the chips were delicious! One pupil even went home and made their own chips (from scratch!) that evening!

After learning how to prepare and cook the chips, they discovered that their task had been set by the main character of their book for this term, Oliver from Oliver’s Vegetables by Alison Bartlett and Vivian French!

Well done Y2 on your fantastic work and diplomatic approach to chip tasting!