Competitions Round-Up – January 2017

Competitions Round-Up – January 2017

Year 6 represented Richmond Hill in our first competition of the year, which was Athletics at Dearne Valley Leisure Centre (Wednesday 18th January). Our pupils have always done exceptionally well in this competition and this year was no different, as we placed 2nd in our pyramid!

Congratulations to the team – who were featured in newsletter 18 – for all their hard work!


It was the turn of the KS2 Gymnastics team next, who competed at the Doncaster Gymnastics Academy today (Wednesday 25th January). Our team was split into 4 groups for the competition; Y3/4 participants made up our first group, which came in 10th place, and Y5/6 made up the next three groups, who came in 10th, 9th and 8th place out of 22 groups!

Congratulations to the team for their hard work and dedication!

KS2 Gymnastics Team
Y6 Athletics Team