E-Safety Day 2017

Pupils took part in E-Safety Day today, learning how best to keep themselves safe online. Each group watched an Online Safety video and took part in a group discussion around safety and the internet.

Mrs Dutton had this to say:

Children throughout school have enjoyed this half term’s Online Safety Workshops, thinking about being SMART to stay safe on the internet!

Children in all year groups have been thinking about how they use technology in their day-to-day lives to access the internet. We have been talking about all the positive opportunities which the internet offers us, but also considering how we can minimise the risks involved. Pupils have revisited the SMART rules to help them remember to:

  • Keep their private information SAFE
  • Be extra careful if they ever MEET anyone from their online activities
  • Check that they are accessing and creating APPROPRIATE materials online
  • Think about whether the information they access online is RELIABLE
  • TELL someone if they are ever unsure about anything online