Open Classrooms and Maths Meetings!

We’ve ended our week with two jam-packed Maths mornings!

For the first time this year, our teachers opened up their classrooms and invited parents/carers to come and learn about Growth Mindsets, as well as taking part in a Maths Mastery lesson.

Visitors had an opportunity to come in to school early on Thursday and Friday morning to have a cup of tea/juice and biscuits with their child/children, before being given a talk on Growth Mindsets and how we use these to encourage positive attitudes to learning in school. They were then taken to class to join in on a Maths Meeting and lesson, to see how our fast-paced Maths Mastery works!

Thank you to all of the parents/carers/family members who came to visit us this week. The pupils loved having new faces in their classes and the opportunity to let you in on their hard work!

Thank you also to staff, for opening your doors and encouraging collaboration with our community!

Our next open classrooms will take place in the Spring term and will focus on Literacy. More information about these will be distributed closer to the event.