Road Safety Presentations

Road Safety Presentations

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (14th & 15th February) pupils were given road safety presentations, complete with the chance to explore the cab of a lorry!

Two drivers from Gist came in to school to give talks and practical demonstrations to pupils from all years about road safety, with specific reference to large vehicles, as part of the Gist Child Road Safety Programme.

Pupils took part in the following activities:

A lorry is taken into schools by two of our presenters to deliver our road safety message. The presentation is in two sections and takes about 60 minutes in total. In the school grounds, the lorry is used to give children a practical demonstration of stopping distances and driver ‘blind spots’. The children are given an opportunity to explore inside the cab of the vehicle and get to see first hand the view from the driver’s seat.

This is then followed by an interactive indoor presentation that includes a session on general road safety to support school curriculum requirements with regards to PSHE and citizenship, as well as providing clear advice on how children can stay safe on the roads as pedestrians and cyclists.

For more information about the programme, click here.