Spanish Afternoon

Spanish Afternoon

Our pupils travelled the world on Friday 10th February, by taking part in Spanish Afternoon!

Each pupil was given a ‘passport’ to fill in while they travelled, with each classroom representing a different country to explore. Once in the classroom, pupils learned about and took part in activities relating to the chosen country’s culture and traditions. Some of the different activities will be listed below!

After each ‘trip’, pupils were given a sticker for their passport, to show how far they had travelled.


Pupils travelled to lots of different places, learning about many different traditions, including:

Panama – to learn about and create Molas (patterns from traditional blouses).

Venezuela – to learn about petroglyphs (rock carvings and cave paintings).

Guatemala – to learn about and create Worry Dolls, which are designed to ease the worries of their owners.

Spain – to take part in some Flamenco dancing!

Costa Rica – to learn about Fair Trade and to create logos for Fair Trade products

Peru – to learn about and design Nazca Lines, based on ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert.

Cuba – to take part in some Salsa dancing!

Mexico – to learn about the Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrating the lives of loved ones.