Y6 Visit to Grimm & Co

Y6 Visit to Grimm & Co

Year 6 encountered some truly magical things on their trips to Grimm & Co. this week.

Pupils visited Grimm & Co.’s Apothecary to the Magical, a Rotherham-based charity aimed at improving literacy and creativity in local, takes on the appearance of old-world shop, with a magical surprise!

Upon arriving, pupils were given a tour of the shop and were asked to help tidy some shelves… which led to the discovery of a secret door in the wall! The door opened up the Imagination Gym, where the pupils and teachers were able to give their imaginations a good workout. Unfortunately for one of the teachers, he needed a little help from the pupils (and a plunger) to bring out his imagination!

The pupils then entered the Writer’s Pad, where they all worked together to write a story, with each pupil writing their own personal ending. At the end of the visit, they were each given a copy of the book with their ending in and their name on the cover as the author.

Pupils (and teachers!) then slid down the beanstalk back into the apothecary – as if nothing magical had ever happened – and were able to look at all the curiosities on the shelves.


Grimm & Co. is a charitable organisation aimed at improving literacy and creativity in local youth. To learn more, go to