Year 1 Literacy Launch

Year 1 Literacy Launch

It seems that the frost on Monday morning brought a cool surprise to school for Year 1, who had their Literacy Launch!

Bundled up in their hats, coats, scarves and gloves, pupils were led into the main hall to find all sorts of snow-themed clues that would lead them to finding out the subject of their Literacy book. Pupils had taken part in some Prediction Activities before entering their winter wonderland, which also helped them figure out who they would be reading about in their new Literacy work.

The clues left for the intrepid pupils were snow, snowballs, a winter coat, a magic wand, a silver throne and real ice! From all of their activities, the classes figured out that they would be reading about a magical snow queen. From there, they discovered that they would be looking at The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen!

Well done to Year 1 for all their hard work, which made for an exciting launch!