Our Team

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Senior Leadership Team
Principal – Mrs D. Secker
Head of School/Executive Safeguarding Lead (Rose Learning Trust) – Mrs K. Cousins
Assistant Principal – Mrs K. O’Keeffe
Maths Mastery Senior Lead (MMSL) – Miss S. Lewis
Assistant Principal (Pastoral) – Mr K. Norton
Business Manager – Miss L.Stoyles
Middle Leadership
Head of Foundation Stage – Miss E. Johnson
Head of KS1 – Mrs Claire Dutton
Head of Lower KS2 – Mrs L. Bickerstaffe
Head of Upper KS2 – Mrs K. Cousins
Director of English Y2-Y6 – Mr B. Lodge
SENCO – Mrs M. Robinson
Teaching Staff
Miss C. Challinor
Miss E. Johnson
Mrs K. O’Keeffe
Mrs M. Robinson
Mrs K. Elmore
Mrs L. Vickers
Mrs C. Scanlon
Mrs C. Dutton
Mrs L. Bickerstaffe
Miss Lewis
Mrs V. Wilkinson
Mrs M. Lawrence
Miss G. Knott
Mrs N. Millar
Mr J. Gray
Mrs C. Russell
Mr P. Armstrong
Mr B. Lodge
Mrs L. Dugdale
Mrs V. Nixon
Support Staff
Reading Manager – Mrs C. Stocks
Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Mrs M. Lord
Learning Administrators:
Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Mrs D. Bouttell
Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Mrs K. Frost
Thrive Practitioner – Mrs S. Jeffery
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs A. Booth
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs K. Brunt
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs V. Burke
Learning Support Assistant – Ms C. Cooper
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs G. Iveson
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs A. Kaur
Learning Support Assistant – Miss G. Smith
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs D. Selby
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs N. Worboys
Business Support
Business Support Manager & Clerk to the Board of Governors – Mrs J. Found
Finance & Business Support Assistant/Attendance Officer – Mrs L. Williams
Receptionist/Admin Assistant – Mrs S. Harhoff
Support Staff
Site Manager – Mr R. Woolley
Hillbillies Before & After School Club Staff
Hillbillies Manager – Mrs B. Flockton
Playworker – Mrs A. Kaur
Playworker – Miss G. Smith
Playworker – Miss E. Broadhead
Playworker – Miss A. Corton
Midday Supervisory Staff
Mrs A. Booth
Mrs D. Bowater
Mrs E. Sanderson
Mrs L. Bond
Mrs V. Burke
Mrs D. Selby
Mrs S. Goude
Mrs M. Townend
Mrs S. Rui
Mr. R Woolley
Miss S. Dean
Miss J. Edwards