Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 endeavour to promote your child’s love of learning and we have lots planned which will inspire your child, from exciting trips to practical Science.

Going Green! We created terrariums so we can see how the water cycle works.

We created terrariums!


Our goal for Year 5 is to foster an independence and a love of learning through sparking imaginations and ideas. In reading, Year 5 will enjoy a variety of books beginning with ‘Cirque du Freak’ and ‘Stormbreaker’.

The children thought ‘Cirque du Freak’ would be ‘exciting’ and that it sounded like a ‘true story’. We will be working through our class books focusing on a variety of reading skills. Your child will be expected to read a section of their book each week in order to work on it in class with a specific focus.

Our topics this term are:
Science: Life Processes and Living Things linked to our Autumn trip to Austerfield Study Centre
PSHE: New Beginnings
R.E.: Hinduism – Belief in one God/Christianity – Harvest Festival
Geography: Food Miles – The Big Debate

Home Learning

In Year 5, homework consists of a piece of Maths and English each week, and a spelling list which the children will be expected to practise for their test on Monday! Home learning will be linked to the children’s work in class, and the spelling words will be investigated during the week. Year 5 have a BIG focus on prefixes and suffixes. Homework club is available to all children.

Homework Out In
Spellings Monday Test Monday
Maths Monday Friday
English Wednesday Monday

Swimming & P.E.

The first lesson of P.E. will be Monday 4th September. Swimming does not begin until February 2017, when you will be sent a reminder.

Monday – P.E. P.E. kit to be brought to school
Friday – Swimming (starts February 2017 Swimming kit to be brought to school

Meet the team…


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